Brick Paving Johannesburg Gauteng

Our aim is to be one of the best paving companies in Johannesburg Gauteng. We offer a two year guarantee on all paving work. Well positioned to quickly deploy our teams for paving Johannesburg Gauteng. Call us now for a free quote on your property.

Amazing news is that we are the only paving company that does paving repairs. Thus we are easy to do cost effective business with.

Our teams show a passion to making our clients happy because we offer a commitment to quality work.  Exceptional service is standard. We utilise well established suppliers to ensure quality paving that adds value to your home or business property.

Certainly well respected within our industry and quality control is in all our work. Hirsch’s Paving takes pride in offering our paving clients some of the finest products and services available.

We are your trusted paving experts and work in a transparent way. Definitely brick paving is our game and we will masterfully create a superb arrangement catering for your paving requirements and toning in with the landscaping.

Brick paving work expands and contracts according to the weather.  Therefore paving is done in a way that will cater for this. This helps to create a lasting expert paving job.

Hirsch's Paving Johannesburg Gauteng Province South Africa