About Us

Our team does paving in Gauteng as well as being the only paving company to do paving repairs. A large proportion of our work is paving in Johannesburg to our industrial and domestic customer base.

We supply and lay clay bricks as well as concrete bricks.

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We do domestic and industrial paving of:

  • Driveways – paved with weight of cars and trucks catered for
  • Pool Surrounds – safety is of paramount importance
  • Townhouses – longer lasting to save time and money
  • Factories – landscaping taken into account to enhance tranquility at work

Rowan has been Paving in Gauteng for as long as he can remember. He has two teams that he is able to place quickly and reliably to get the job done. Passionate about Paving in Gauteng with good attention to detail. Paving jobs are done to enhance the landscaping. Value add to your home or industrial estate.

On offer are modern designs in patio paving to enhance your enjoyment of your home. That wow factor is important as is safety considerations which is why we are the only company to offer paving repairs. We therefore offer a cost effective way to try us out for your next paving alteration.

Paving in Gauteng
Paving in Gauteng